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Web Design Tips / Blog - 4 months ago

Truffle Migrations Explained

Migrations, generally speaking, are ways for developers to automate the deployment of data and its supporting structures. They are very useful for managing the deployment of new software versions, and as such aren’t exclusive to blockchain developme...

Web Design Tips / Blog - 4 months ago

What Is a CDN and How Does It Work?

CDN – you keep seeing the acronym. Maybe in URLs, maybe on landing pages, but it never quite clicked – what are Content Delivery Networks, what do they do exactly? We’ll explain in this overview article, and demonstrate on two popular ones in follow...

Web Design Tips / Blog - 4 months ago

Truffle: Testing Smart Contracts

In our introduction to Truffle, we discussed what Truffle is and how it can help you automate the job of compiling, testing and deploying smart contracts. In this article, we’ll explore how to test smart contracts. Testing is the most important aspe...